Paso Professional. Impeccable results.

Paso Professional is a DIY revolution for both professionals and the general public. A range of products that guarantee the cleanliness, treatment and protection of floors and any other kind of surface. All Paso Professional products have been developed with high-traffic and wear and tear environments in mind, making them the perfect solution both for difficult situations like building works completion or workshops and also for keeping your home and garden impeccable. 

The Paso Professional range is divided into floor products, which include strippers, polishes and cleaners for marble and indoor, wood and porous floors, products for the outdoors and garden and drain unblocker and in-depth cleaning products. Find out how Paso Professional can help you. 

Find out how it can help you at home.

Treatment, cleaning and protection

Paso Professional not only guarantees you a professional finish, but also, thanks to its wide range, it offers solutions to any treatment, cleaning or protection problem you may have at home. Come on in and find out how Paso Professional can help you.

Powerful Terracotta and Porous Floor Cleaner

Show off a new floor every day

Is your porous or terracotta floor not as dazzling as before, no matter how much you clean it? That’s because hard-to-clean dirt has become embedded in it. Our Powerful Terracotta and Porous Floor Cleaner has been designed to remove even the most stubborn grime caused by grease, wax or previous finishes. How? Its formula acts as a floor surface stripper, leaving it like new and ready for the application of other treatments.