Since 1962, we at Ceys have worked hard to guarantee high quality DIY for you. This mission has meant we have become the first company in Spain to produce and sell products that allow you to clean, seal or restore any kind of material or surface.

We believe in specific, effective solutions. Which is why, after more than 50 years, we can safely say that our products are Spain’s favourite glues, silicone sealants and restorers. This commitment to what we offer has led us to create Paso Professional, whose goal it is to become the brand you rely on for the guaranteed cleaning, treatment and protection of any type of surface.

Since 1998, we have formed part of the AC Marca Group, which, thanks to its great production and distribution capacity, has meant not only that we have grown, but also the possibility of our solutions reaching more people. A true example of strength through unity. 



The best formulas are the result of continuous research and of all their ingredients meeting the strictest requirements. 


Production capacity

Modern automatic bottling facilities allow us to guarantee the production of our products and a prompt service for all our customers. 



Ever since 1922, the AC MARCA Group has been manufacturing market-leading specialist products that enjoy great consumer recognition. 


Human and technological resources

To fully meet our consumers’ needs and expectations.