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Powerful cleaner for marble and interior floors

Powerful cleaner for marble and interior floors

Powerful Cleaner

Powerful Cleaner

Strips and removes the most stubborn grime from grease, wax, and previous finishes, keeping each materials' nature. Its new concentrated formula penetrates deeply and cleans the pore from the inside.


  • Interior and exterior.
  • Powerful action.
  • No damage to the surface.
  • Can be applied on all kinds of floors: POROUS FLOOR - NON-POROUS FLOOR - PARQUET AND VARNISHED WOOD.

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Safety data sheet



To strip (complete removal of previous finishes)

DIRECT USE: Apply the product directly on the surface to be treated. Leave on for approximately 5 minutes. Rub using a brush to remove the most stubborn stains and wax residues. Remove excess product using a cleaning cloth. Rinse with warm water several times, and allow to dry before applying a new treatment.

To clean without stripping (stubborn grime).

USE DILUTED IN WATER: Dilute 30 ml (approx. 2 caps) of product into 5L of water and scrub.

STEP TIPS: Test in an inconspicuous area before applying.

YIELD: Can treat 25m2 with undiluted product.