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Professional adhesive remover

Professional adhesive remover

Adhesive Remover

Adhesive Remover

POWERFUL REMOVER of any kind of adhesive, labels, or tape residues. It's ecosolvent-based formula softens the adhesive for a quick and easy removal.


Glass, Stone, Ceramics, Tiles, Wood, Metal

To be applied over fabrics, plastics, synthetic materials or coated, painted, or varnished surfaces. In order to verify the material's resistance, a test application must be performed on an inconspicuous area.

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STEP BY STEP: Apply over the adhesive residue to be removed.

For adhesive residues, leave on according to the attached table.

Solvent-based adhesives (contact and assembly glues) 5 min
Cyanoacrylates: remains of adhesive tape or draught excluder 15 min
White glue and water-based adhesives 30 min
Epoxy (bi-components), polyurethane adhesives, hybrid adhesives de 30 a 60 min

For application times over 30 min, coat a rag or cloth and place it over the stain to be removed, making sure it is always dampened with the product.

Without rubbing, and using the smooth side of a spatula or a lint-free cloth, remove the adhesive residue, taking care not to spread it across the unstained surface.

For labels and stickers, leave the product on for 15 minutes and remove the label carefully. Repeat the operation until the label is completely removed.

If the label is plastic or laminated, apply an extra amount on the edges.