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Turbo Plunger

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Turbo Plunger

Turbo Plunger

Special triple-effective formula to deal with emergency actions or blockages. Effervescent micro-pellets with triple-action: High effervescence, high speed, high efficiency.


All kinds of piping, including PVC and drains

Ingredients information sheet

Safety data sheet


Remove as much water as possible should any be retained in the sink or basin. Pour 70g in the piping. Check the 5-dosage indication in the side of this label. Leave no loose particles on the surface. Avoid contact between the product with metal basins or sinks as they may be damaged. Leave the product on for approximately 15 minutes. Let plenty of water run for several minutes. If the clogging has not been solved, do not repeat the action immediately. Repeat the operation after at least 2hs. For drains maintenance and to avoid new obstructions we recommend the use of PASO Biological Drain Cleaner.