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Protective Polish for Terracotta and Porous Floors

Protective Polish for Terracotta and Porous Floors

Protective Polish

Protective Polish

PROTECTS porous floors against staining and external aggressions. Thanks to its Polyurethane Protective Complex formula you get a greater resistance against scratching and general deterioration, a longer lasting protection against oil stains or other organic products, and a greater shine.


  • Protects and prevents the stain reaching the pore.
  • Polishes and refreshes the natural colour.
  • Anti-slip.

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Safety data sheet


It's recommended to strip before applying Universal Stripper STEP.

1. Apply two caps directly on the surface and spread in a single direction and motion. Form an uniform thin layer using a microfiber mop.

2. Repeat until covering the surface completely. Start applying on one edge of the room and finish on the opposite end.

3. Allow to dry for one hour before stepping on the floor and do not apply any treatment until 24hs have passed. Apply a second layer perpendicular to the first application 24hs later for maximum shine and protection.

4. To keep shine, pour three caps of product into half a bucket of water (5L) and scrub. Allow to dry without rinsing.